DR4 Quad Drum Trigger

DLD Technology is please to announce our first Rack Extension for Propellerheads Reason.

DR4 Quad Drum Trigger

DR4 is a 4 channel drum computer, designed to control Kong, Redrum, and many other instruments.

The device has 4 channels which can output one of 16 patterns via CV gate. By combining these sequences with different offsets, interesting and unique drum patterns can be easily created. A full range of CV inputs are also available for those who want to get a bit experimental.

Buy Now from the Propellerheads shop: http://shop.propellerheads.se/reason650/rack-extension/page/com.dldtechnology.dr4



What does the Play CV input do?

The Play input restarts the pattern on the next 16th note. If held active, the first beat will keep re-triggering every 16th causing a stutter effect. The pattern will reset its start position on the next bar.


Can I output to MIDI?

Unfortunately Rack Extensions can not currently export MIDI data. You can however bounce the audio down to a new track, or simply use automation to change the controls on the DR4.


What’s the difference between the Offset knobs and the Offset CV inputs?

The Offset knobs move the pattern backwards or forwards by x sixteenths. The CV inputs have far more resolution, so can be used for finer control, especially when combined with a LFO.


For any other questions, please go to Navi Retlav Support