HM1 Headphone Monitor Correction

Late at night and need to keep the volume down?

On the road and don’t have access to your favourite monitors?

Budget wont cover that expensive set of studio monitors?

HM-1 Headphone Monitor Correction can help resolve these situations by emulating a set of high quality monitor speakers using just a standard pair of headphones.



Please refer to the user manual for correct setup instructions:

HM-1 Headphone Monitor Correction uses HRTF models to emulate speakers in 3D space in front of the user. These models are accurately measured and include both the frequency and timing information required to emulate speaker position.

HM-1 contains 50 HRTF models to allow the user to select the one that is most realistic sounding, and then save in their default template (refer to manual).

HM-1 also contains frequency responses for various speaker types, so the user can get an idea of what the mix will sound like on different audio equipment – these range from large monitor speaker to mobile phone.

If you use headphones a lot with Reason, then try out HM-1 and see if it can improve your mixes.


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Download the manual: HM1 User Manual

Watch the video:


Graphics by Steven James -

Video by Rob Puricelli –

Any questions? Please go to Navi Retlav Support