Megasaur Supersaw Synthersizer

Megasaur Supersaw Synthesizer for Reason


Megasaur is a polyphonic synthesizer based around the mighty Supersaw. The dual filter design is simple to use, and quick to dial in that perfect sound. Dedicated displays show the Supersaw frequency spread and amplitude, which can all be changed in real-time.

Megasaur is the perfect synthesizer for pads, strings, and the classic anthem trance sounds. The massive polyphony and wave count allows rich sounding pads, which can be further enhanced using the analog and humanizing effects.

When used in monophonic mode, Megasaur can output up to 126 saw-waves in a single note. Combine this with the resonant high and low pass filters, and those classic 90′s dance sounds are simple to recreate. Add in the gate sequencer, and you have an instant Trance sound.

Megasaur is very easy to use, and does not require complex programming to create great sounds. However, plenty of CV inputs have been added for those who want to go further.


· 3 stereo Supersaw oscillator blocks, each capable of 14 saw-waves per note
· Separate resonant high-pass and low-pass filters
· Gate sequencer
· 22 note polyphonic
· Monophonic layering modes (up to 3 octaves)
· Analog control
· Humanizing effect to create choir sounds
· Tempo synchronised BBD delay
· Low CPU usage
· Compact 2U rack
· Simple to use, no complex routing



Download the Megasaur Manual

Video demos:


Audio demos: