Revolution Virtual Surround



Revolution is a virtual surround / 3D audio effect for Propellerhead Reason. It allows the user to place a sound anywhere in 3D space, and to move that sound around in real time with the associated Doppler Effect.

Revolution will allow you to create complex echoes, Doppler effects and flybys with ease. Or use it to emulate the position of instruments on a stage.

Free yourself from the limitations of stereo panning – now you can place sounds in front or behind the listener, or even below and above. Add an extra dimension to your mix!

  • Positioning of audio sounds in 3D space
  • Elevation of audio sounds
  • Doppler Shift effects
  • Feedback and wet-dry controls to create echoes in 3D space
  • Control via SDK2 display or traditional knobs
  • Multiple CV controls
  • Low DSP usage



Download the Revolution Manual

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Revision History:

V1.00 Initial Version